pop~PROFILE Stahl Stenslie


Stahl Stenslie at mem_brane, Cologne

Stahl Stenslie works mainly with VR and communication systems. He is also exhibiting internationally as an artist and media designer. His project CyberSM was awarded the SGI prize for especially talented artists at ISEA 1994. He started his experiments on interface design at the Media Art School in Cologne (Germany), which financed his first CyberSM system, made with Kirk Woolfred, which was the first working cyber sex system. He is currently living and working in Oslo, Norway.

The working conditions in Norway are quite interesting today for communications development, because there are only a few fixed definitions for the electronic arts in the contemporary art context. Technical standards are very high, and there has recently been a great deal of investment in applied research, and also in the field of art and media. This combination results in a good platform for the development for arts communication systems as complex linking experiences.

(Kathy Rae Huffman and Margarete Jahrmann)